The 2013 Major League Lacrosse All-LaxDirt Team.

The 1st Annual All-Laxdirt team. We at laxdirt look at the MLL from a little different angle. While we all have the luxury of covering the sport that we love we are also some of the biggest MLL fans there is. I myself have been around since the very beginning. So we decided to come up with our own ALL MLL team. A team made up of guys that probably don’t get the recognition that most guys do and a few that do. So here goes.


Ryan Young (Charlotte Hounds). Kevin Cunningham (Hamilton Nationals) Chris Bocklet (Denver Outlaws).

Ryan Young: Young changed the way the Hounds played offense. He is dynamic and will do what every he needs to, to help his team win. This is a guy that most thought was a giveaway in an off season trade. His play has been terrific from the start.  He has 38 points this year after recording 18 all last year, talk about improvement.

Kevin Cunningham: Cunningham was the steal of this year’s draft class, not the rookie draft mind you but the supplemental draft. Boston did not use him at all last year and he has become the quarterback of his team and has done thing few others can match this season. The guy is also humble off the field and its amazing all the good things his teammates have to say about him. He will challenge for a team USA roster spot next season.

Chris Bocklet: Bocklet is a finisher and every team would love to have him. His finishing ability is unmatched by any other player in MLL right now and he plays on the perfect team with the perfect teammates to compliment his style. At this point he is ahead of Steele Stanwich in pro development and no one would have thought that. He currently leads the league with 38 goals and is entrenched in the MVP conversation.


Kevin Crowley (Hamilton Nationals). Matt Abbott (Chesapeake Bayhawks), Joe Walters (Hamilton Nationals).

Kevin Crowley: Crowley has turned himself into a front runner for MVP and he an unstoppable dodger. His shooting has greatly improved and his chemistry with teammates is off the charts. He was the best player at the All Star game.

Matt Abbott: Abbott can do it all and will. He has played every position Dave Cottle has asked and is doing it as well as anyone. If you need to go from Defense  to Offense he is your man. He upped his offensive minutes big time this year and his production skyrocketed. Another guy everyone would want as a teammate. His 20 points this season is almost double his career high.

Joe Walters: Walters has done it all. He is a dynamic scorer and a true leader on the field. Everyone was amazed he didn’t make the team USA tryout team until Walters announced he didn’t put his name on the list. Walters is a “I’m going to do it this way and I dare you to stop it” kind of guy.


Greg Gurenlian-Face-off (New York Lizards). Matt Bocklet -LSM (Denver Outlaws). Casey Cittadin- SSDM (Charlotte Hounds).

Greg Gurenlian: Gurenlian,  I’m not taking anything away from Anthony Kelly because they are 1A to 1B right now in the faceoff world but the way the Beast interacts with fans and how he was genuinely giddy at the All Star game tells you everything you need to know about this guy. It helps that he is also almost automatic on face-offs at 63%.

Matt Bocklet: Bocklet is a coach’s dream, he is a ground ball vacuum and as capable a defender as there is. Ask any coach in this league about Matt and they will tell you how much respect and admiration they have for him and his game. It’s one thing to have other players talk about you but when the other coaches do your on another level. Having almost 70 ground balls with a game left doesn’t hurt either.

Casey Cittidino: Cittidino came over from Denver and has not missed a beat, if it wasn’t for the fact that Dmids get no respect everyone would be a huge Casey fan. The guy is just a terror on the defensive end. He wants to compete all the time and takes it personally when he gets beat. He changed the way the Hounds played defense up top this season.


Brodie Merrill (Hamilton Nationals). Lee Zink (Denver Outlaws). Brian Karalunas (New York Lizards)

Brodie Merrill: Brodie has returned to form this season and is everything that he was when he won 6 defensive player of the year awards in a row, there is a reason most people in lacrosse media call it the Brodie Merrill award. He is a leader on and off the field and his lacrosse IQ is amazing. He also has 2 goals and 8 assists this season by being the transition player he has always been.

Lee Zink: Zink has been amazing this season, what he did to Ned Crotty in the first matchup was nothing short of astounding. He just keeps getting better. Defense goes under appreciated by fans but if you don’t take the time to watch Zink cover someone you’re really missing out. At this point his defense is on another level than anyone elses.

Brian Karalunas: B.K. isn’t the biggest defender out there but he has a way of making plays with his stick that few others can make. While the Lizards defense has not had the best of seasons this year you wouldn’t know that looking at Karalunas play. He has transformed from a dominate LSM to a great cover close defender.



John Galloway (Rochester Rattlers), Kip Turner (Chesapeake Bayhawks)- I took 2 because I can.

John Galloway: Galloway is the leader and rock of the Rochester defense. His season started a little slow because of coaching commitments but once he found his grove he was as good as there is in this game. He is a consummate professional and would be the guy I’d want back stopping my team in a big game. Far and away this seasons Rattlers MVP.

Kip Turner: Turner has the advantage of having a very tough, smart defense in front of him, still his season has been nothing short of fantastic and he has single handedly helped his team win several games. He would be a run away for goalie of the year if it wasn’t for Jesse Schwartzman’s 13-0 season so far.