The Boston Cannons host the Rochester Rattlers to close out the MLL season.

The Rochester Rattlers travel to Harvard Stadium this weekend. With both Boston and Rochester losing and being eliminated last week, this game has little to no meaning save for pride. It's the final home game for Boston and potentially the last time we will see this Rochester Rattlers team as we know it, so expect players to be up for this one.

Players To Watch:


I expect to see some of the players that we haven't seen yet this year. The last few weeks Coach Tucker has started Martin Bowes, I expect to see some more young guys so Tucker can see exactly what he has before he has to protect 25 men.


Anyone playing offense. This has been a team that couldn't score last week, couldn't get in to double digits. With this being the final game I expect this team to come out wanting to shoot the moon.

Keys To Victory:

Play a full game: It seems simple, but has been very difficult for both of these teams at times this year. Boston has struggled to get started and Rochester has struggled to finish. The game between these two teams came down to the wire in Atlanta this year, if both can get over those hurddles it should be very much the same this week.


This game I think will have a little more meaning for Boston because it's a home game. I expect a tight one, Boston 12 Rochester 10.