The Chesapeake Bayhawks avenge their early season loss to the Hamilton Nationals in week 9.

The Hamilton Nationals played at Ron Joyce Stadium for the first time in over a month this past weekend. Despite the homecoming, the defending MLL Champion Chesapeake Bayhawks (4-4) spoiled the Nats return home defeating  the Nationals (6-2) 17-10 Saturday before a season-high crowd of 3,612.


Hamilton got a five-point performance from Joe Walters (1+4), who was able to extend his point streak to 21 games, which isn't always easy to do, especially when you're up against top notch teams like Denver and Chesapeake. Jordan Hall (2+0), Cody Jamieson (2+0), Kevin Cunningham (1+1), Stephen Keogh (1+1) and Brodie Merrill (0+2) were all able to contribute in the eventual loss for the Nats. Kevin Crowley was also barely able to extend his point streak to 24, when he scored last minute to bring his team up to 9 goals.


A lot of Chesapeake players had great games individually. As they had hat tricks from four separate players, Drew Westervelt, Ben Hunt, Matt Mackrides, and Steven Brooks.
 The Bayhawks dominated for almost the whole game, going on a eight goal run between the second and third, and Hamilton only put up four goals between those two quarters. The Bayhawks also outscored the Nats in the first three quarters, and it just showed a lack of competition on Hamiltons part.

Take Away:

This loss puts the Nats to 6-4, and also puts Chesapeake right behind them to 5-4. Hamilton has had they're standings slip since the five game win streak ended four weeks ago. SInce the hot start they have ben only able to win one game in their last five. I've seen a trend with the Nationals, they haven't been able to play four full quarters of lacrosse, and you can see them go from leading in the first, to completely being absent in the second, or vice versa. If they want to make the playoffs, they have to have better odds than winning 1 out of 4 games.