The Chesapeake Bayhawks beat the Boston Cannons in an overtime thriller.

For the second time this season the Boston Cannons and Chesapeake Bayhawks battled to a stalemate in regulation and had to find a winner in sudden death overtime. This game was action packed, back and forth down to the wire excitment, oh and Casey Powell made his return to Major League Lacrosse playing a huge part in the Bayhawks ultimate victory. 

First Half:

Slow does not justify how this game started. Both teams making early turnovers, not really get settled in the six on six and ultimatly only producing a single goal for Boston and none for Chesapeake. In the second quarter the Bayhawks started a run early scoring three quick goals from Powell, Abbott and Grant. The Cannons closed the quarter with five straight from Buchanan, Poskay, Rabil Berger and Stone. Boston took a 6-3 lead in to the locker room, but this one was far from over. 

Second Half:

Coming out of the break the Bayhawks looked to control the pace more. Adam Rand went on a run at the face-off X and in translated on the scoreboard. Chesapeake started the quarter with a run of five scores in a row, two from Rubeor, one from Casey Powell, Ben Hunt and Matt Abbott each before Boston was able to turn the tide back. For the Cannons Farrell, Rabil and Poskay each scored to close the quarter giving Boston a one goal lead heading in to the fourth. John Grant Jr. scored as time ran out to tie the game but after a referee review it was overturned. 

In the fourth it looked for most of the quarter as if Boston would be able to hold off Chesapeake. The teams went back and forth in the scoring column and with less than a minute left Jordan Burke made a huge save to get Boston possesion and the ability to run out the clock. However that wouldn't be the case at all. On the prior mentioned possesion a pass intended for Mike Stone went wide, John Grant Jr was able to recover the loose ball and Coach Dave Cottle called a time out with 15 seconds left down by a goal. 

The reset begins and Casey Powell initiates for the Bayhawks. He circles around, curls back behind the cage to X, loses his foot but recovers and breaks for goal line extended. With five seconds left on the clock Casey Powell crease dove on Jordan Burke, scored the game tieing goal and forced overtime in an amazing singular effort.


The Boston Cannons had their opportunity. Chris Eck won the opening draw clean going away and gave Boston the chance to close the game. The Cannons were unable to cash in, but worse than that on the next possesion for Chesapeake they commited an illegal substition that gave the defending champions a man advantage for thirty seconds. It didn't take the full thirty for Drew Westervelt to capitalize on the extra man, score the game winning goal and pull the season series dead even between Boston and Chesapeake.

Keys to the Game:


Dave Cotte: Cottle made the right decisions in this game. Starting Adam Rand who struggled the last time against Boston but played very well last night, sitting out Kimmel and Polanco and playing Bernhardt and Powell was a huge decision as Powell was player of the game and Bernhardt had the steal that gave the the chance to tie. The coach made all the right decisions from a personel perspective and it led to a win.


Turnovers and Penalties: Far to many turnovers in this game for the Cannons and entirely to many procedure penalties as well. You can't have two offsides penalties, a delay of game and illegal substituion penalty against a Dave Cottle team like that and expect to win. Boston has avoid mental errors like this for the last month, in last nights game that wasn't the case and it cost them.