The LaxDirt Staff Picks for this week in Major League Lacrosse

Name Chesapeake and New York Boston and Rochester Charlotte and Ohio Hamilton and Denver
Tim Thomas
Tom Bovee
James Boger
Red Hayes
Don Cooke
Gabe Altieri        


The Reasons Why:


Chesapeake and New York:

Tim Thomas- Chesapeake this is a veteran group, they know what they need to do. The Lizards are still a relativly young team and still trying to figure it out. I will be shocked if the Bayhawks lose a third in a row.

Tom Bovee- Lizards they pull the upset because they matchup well here and Drew Adams is the difference.

James Boger- Chesapeake, Most people were surprised when a Coach Cottle team dropped it’s second game in a row. While Rob Pannell played like a seasoned vet in his debut, the Bayhawks are not losing a third straight game.

Red Hayes- New York, These teams have disappointed me so much the past few weeks I almost don’t want to pick either one, so I flipped a coin.

Don Cooke- Although in third place at 3-2, the Chesapeake Bayhawks are just two overtime goals removed from being unbeaten. This matchup between the league’s two top defenses – and most penalized teams – will be a make-or-break game for the Bayhawks, who have taken the last three meetings from the Lizards. 

Gabe Altieri- Chesapeake’s not losing again. I have faith that this team will figure something out.

Boston Cannons and Rochester Rattlers:

Tim Thomas- We have said it the last couple weeks, but this is literally a must win for Boston. The math just isn't there if they lose this game so I am picking them one last time.

Tom Bovee- Rochester,Its one of the  games they marked on the calender this off season, but they need to play better than they did against Ohio.

James Boger- Boston, These two teams are playing in Atlanta on Friday in a neutral matchup. Boston hasn’t been playing anywhere near the level we all thought they would and I think it’s time for them to take out some aggression out on someone. Enter Rochester.

Red Hayes- Boston. I would love to see Rochester keep it up, but if Kevin Leveille is still trying to be the star and not part of the team it won’t happen. 

Don Cooke- This is just what the Cannons need after that debacle in Denver, some Southern hospitality in the lovely “test market” of Atlanta. Rochester is not likely to be able to contain the league’s top scorer Paul Rabil in addition to Ryan Boyle, Mike Stone, Matt Poskay, Kevin Buchanan, and others.

Gabe Altieri- I have a feeling an offense like Rochester’s is just what the doctor ordered for the Boston defense

Ohio Machine and Charlotte Hounds:

Tim Thomas- I said before the season Charlotte had the chance to be sneaky good. Last week they were impressive now they can't take their foot off the gas.

Tom Bovee- Charlotte, I just cant pick the Ohio Machine despite the fact I want to. Both teams will play hard and fight for this win and I love Algie's confidence in his team.

James Boger- The Hounds defend the home turf for the first time this season as the Machine come into town. This will be the closest that Ohio has come so far this season, but the Hounds pull it off.

Red Hayes- Charlotte. If they can steal a few games and win ones they should win like this one, they could steal a playoff spot. The win over NY helps in case of a tie breaker.

Don Cooke- The first matchup in 2013 between last season’s expansion teams finds one steadily improving…and the other is Ohio. While the Machine now has goalie Brian Phipps to help hold some opponents under 13 goals, it has yet to get more than nine points from its own offense. 

Gabe AltieriMarcus Holman’s had a couple weeks in the league now, Steele Stanwick isn’t going to be held down again like last week. The Machine finally get on the board.


Hamilton Nationals and Denver Outlaws:

Tim Thomas- I wanted so badly to pick Hamilton here. But until someone shows me it can be done, Denver just looks to dangerous to pick against.

Tom Bovee- I'm taking the Outlaws, strickly because its in Denver.

James Boger- This is a huge game for both teams when you consider the standings, but with both teams playing at such a high level, it’s time to enjoy this one. The Nationals continue to be undefeated and the bus keeps rolling.

Red Hayes- Denver! Denver is just a flat out better team than Hamilton, and I don’t expect Kevin Cummingham to do anything with Lee Zink guarding him.

Don Cooke- The way Hamilton played last week against Chesapeake, they look like they could beat anyone. Well, almost anyone. Not even the Nationals’ unique “two-man game” will be able to outgun the Outlaws at Mile High in this meeting of MLL’s two highest-scoring teams.

Gabe Altieri-Marcus Holman’s had a couple weeks in the league now, Steele Stanwick isn’t going to be held down again like last week. The Machine finally get on the board.


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