LaxDirt's Power Rankings for week seven of Major League Lacrosse.

Name Tim Thomas Tom Bovee James Boger Red Hayes Don Cooke   Concensus

The Reasons Why:

1st Denver Outlaws:

James Boger- Who is going to stop this team? They have dismantled everyone they have played this season and it will be hard to dethrone them 

2nd Hamilton Nationals:

Tom Bovee- The win over the Bayhawks keeps this team at #2 this week, but they need to bounce back to stay ahead of Chesapeake for next week.

3rd Chesapeake Bayhawks:

Red HayesThe wheels are back on the bus. They played to their full capability this week, and I think the additions will keep everyone competing for minutes, which is how it should be.

4th Charlotte Hounds:

Tim Thomas- Getting back to .500, two game win streak, Hounds look like a playoff contender.

5th Rochester Rattlers:

Red HayesI quit on them too early, I admit that, but I wonder if they will keep it up, it is hard to find motivation in their situation.

6th New York Lizards:

James Boger- Is there a more disappointing team in the league than New York? While people expected Ohio to struggle, this Lizards team was supposed to take the league by storm, and have done little to justify the hype. 

7th Boston Cannons:

Tim Thomas- It pains me to do it, but this is what the Cannons have earned. If Ohio could have stollen a gain this season at any point, Boston would be my 8th place team.

8th Ohio Machine:

Tom Bovee- This roster is Better than 0-6. They haven't been able to play a full game, it hurts to see the Machine this bad.