The Major League Lacrosse 3up and 3down.

The Up:

Drew Westervelt: You can't do what D-Westy did last week and not find yourself here. He was a one man show in that game and imposed his will against the Lizards.

Eric Lusby: The kid from Loyola came to play against the Machine. 5 goals to lead the team in an important home victory for Lusby. This young sophmore player has quietly been a very big part of the turnaround we have seen in Charlotte in recent weeks. I wouldn't be surprised to see him here again before the season's out.

John Ranagan: What a way to make a impact, hat trick including the dagger goal in the last minute of play. This may well be the only time we see Ranagan in the UP category this season, but he earned it. 

The Down:

Paul Rabi: You didn't show up to sign autographs after the game in Atlanta. Yes you apologized on twitter, said you didn't know....Nobody buys that. Whatever the reason, whatever needed to be attended to, it could have waited fifteen minutes for you to put a smile on a few kids faces. The whole reason your down in Atlanta is to sell the product of MLL to a new market, having the "Face of Lacrosse" not show at a fan signing session is not a good marketing tactic.

Drew Adams: 19 goals allowed on 34 shots and 2-2pt goals allowed is not going to get it done and not what we have come to expect from Adams. I realize there have been some defensive breakdowns and some of those goals would be put in the category of "not the goalies fault". However, Adams has been touted, branded and sold as the best goalie on the planet for the last two years. The two time defending goalie of the year needs to steal some of those goals and stand on his head in a game like that.

Hamilton's Attack: Cody Jamieson, Stephen Keogh and Kevin Cunningham didn't register a goal in the game against Denver. This unit has been very productive for the Nationals this season, but can't have games where they only have two assists between them if the team is going to be successful.