The Major League Lacrosse 3up and 3down for week 11 of 2013.

The return of the 3 up and 3 down after a hiatius for All-Star break. You know how it works, the up category is players who exceeded expectations, lived up to the hype and then some, the down are players who didn't live up to the bar they have set for themselves.


The UP:

Dillon Ward: Rookie goaltender who somehow got passed up for Rookie of The Week and Defender of The Week. Ward stepped in against a Ohio Machine team that has been playing it's best lacrosse or the last two games and stood tall between the pipes. He made a huge save on a two point rip to close out the win and made 17 saves on 28 shots. What more can you ask for from a rookie?

Charlotte's Young Guns: The Hounds got production out of all the young pups in this one. Jake Tripuka, Mike Sawyer, Eric Lusby, Josh Hawkins, Matt White and Mason Poli all recorded a goal in this game. Poli, Tripuka and Sawyer all had multiple points in this one as well. If Charlotte is going to complete this run and make the dance it will be because of these young men giving it everything they have.

Casey Powell: Of course, nothing should ever be unexpected with Casey. However, missing 2/3 of the season and stepping in and being one of if not the deciding factor in the game is a feat in itself. It's a testiment to the fact that the living legend literally keeps himself in game shape year round and can step in and still be CP 22 on a momments notice.


The Down:

The Charlotte Hounds Tempers: Four unsportsmanlike penalties with three in the fourth quarter which ultimatly almost cost you the game. New York may have only went 1-5 on the man up, but they were able to capatalize in some unsettled situations as penalties expired while making that comeback attempt as well. If Charlotte has a clear weakness now it's that they can't keep their cool and it has cost them this season and almost cost them last weekend.

Tom Abbott: You probably don't know who Tom Abbott is and you think I'm crazy right now. Abbot is the crew cheif for the group that refereed the Denver and Rochester matchup. The fact that i know that is a problem in itself. Those final two penalties against Mike Lazore and Joel White should have never happened in this game. The Rochester Rattlers had a legitimate shot to force overtime against Denver and the referee's flag a soft slash on Lazore. At that point in the game you have to let the teams play and not have the referees be the deciding factor in a game.

JoJo Marasco: This was the game where the Lizards coaching staff put you in position to contribute. No Mark Matthews, no Matt Gibson, runs at midfield and attack and still no production from Mr. Marasco. New York was in this game and needed just one more player to step up, with only one point to date on the year, Marasco has not lived up to the hype.