The Major League Lacrosse 3up and 3down for week 6 of 2013.

Big week this week in Major League Lacrosse and a week where the landscape of the league changed just a bit. A log jam in position for fourth place, two teams remain undefeated and a defending Champion loses for the second straight game in overtime. Check out who is in the UP category this week and who is in the Down category for this week. Then listen to Tim Thomas give his explanation on LaxDirt Live. 

The Up

Ryan Young- 1st on the team in goals, 2nd in points, and only trailing by a point having played one less game. The best attacker on the team. Young has already surpassed last year’s goal total in just four games. Young was snubbed earlier in the season for Offensive Player Of The Week and was snubbed in this game for Player Of The Game honors.

Stephen Keogh- This kid is legit and he makes it look easy. Dominating Nicky Polanco who is one of the best defenders in the league, Keogh made him look old and slow on two different occasions point blank and period.  The play everyone is talking about…If you didn’t see it….Cunningham feeds Keogh who is right on GLE…Goal Line Extended for those that don’t know. Keogh’s back is to the goal, so he reals back and pitches it between his own legs….it was ridiculous….the announcers were speechless. 5 goals on the night get you in to the up category every week.

Drew Snider- Once again, dominating from the mid field. This 5 goals for the second time against Boston this year…and this time he added an assists for a total of six points….Snider has 12 goals on the year…..10 of them came in the two meetings against Boston, Drew went home after that game wishing he could play the Cannons twice more this year.

The Down

The Chesapeake Bayhawks midfield. – For the second game in a row, the attack has had to carry this Bayhawks team. This is a midfield that has been heralded as the best the MLL has ever seen. Other than a goal from Kyle Dixon they were for the most part invisible. Kimmel, Brooks, Hunt all absent and Dixon was right along with them for the better part of the game. Last week Brooks was the only player to really step up, this week Dixon and it’s frankly just not enough. Matt Abbot cannot be your most dangerous offensive midfielder if you’re going to be successful.

The New York Lizards Offense- A team this talented, this stacked on attack and midfield should not be held scoreless in the fourth quarter of a tight game, point blank and period. It just shouldn’t happen. WAY Too much talent…Way to many expectations and way to much on the line.

The Boston Cannons as a team- Boston didn’t show up in Denver. No one in a Cannons uniform did and it showed on the field. Last week I talked about the fire, the emotion the grit that Boston showed with that win against Chesapeake, well apparently the bye week swept that all away because they had none of it when they flew out to Denver. This is a team that simply looked out classed and if they have any hope of making a run this year will most likely need to run the table.


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