The Major League Lacrosse 3up and 3down for week seven.

The UP:

Ohio “Special Teams”: Eric O’Brien and Brian Phipps are two players that I have criticized as much as anyone in lacrosse media. However, let it never be said that I don’t give credit where credit is due. Phipps has clearly been the best goalie for Ohio in his three opportunities and probably should be at least 2-1 right now, O’Brien stepped up and pulled a .500 draw against a tough John Ortolani to help Ohio to their first win last week.

Eric Law: This kid is the story of the MLL right now. Since leaving college two weeks ago he has walked in to Major League Lacrosse, shot the ball nine times and scored nine goals…..That type of thing doesn’t happen. In just two games he has to be one of the favorites for rookie of the year.

Mike Stone: Boston went in that game with a plan. They used Paul Rabil as a decoy and drew one of the poles for Charlotte out of the equation. The other half of that plan needed another midfielder to step up. Mike Stone was that guy. His natural hat trick in the second quarter allowed Boston to get back in that game and stay alive in the conversation for another week.

The Down:

Eric Lusby: Zero’s across the stat sheet with only one shot off cage. The Hounds can’t have that from Lusby if they are going to win lacrosse games. The last few weeks Lusby has been a big part of this offense, in this game he was a non-factor.

Rochester’s Offense: In this game you had 10 goals. Of those 10 goals, only one was assisted and that assist came on an accidental tip and misdirect on the goal. This team needs to realize that one on one isolation offense is not going to win you games in the MLL. Not everyone on your team can dodge to shoot…Dodge to feed and get Jordan MacIntosh involved! When you do that you win games.

The Hound’s Defense: You have to make adjustments. Letting that game get away after a start like that is a travesty. You have to recognize that Paul Rabil is essentially taking Ryan Flannagan out of the game; he may not have been on the score board but was still exploiting your defense. This Charlotte team didn’t slide, switch or adjust in the second half and it cost them this important win.