The Major League Lacrosse 3up and 3down for week three of 2013.

Drew Snider

The Up:

Kevin Crowley: When you rip a two point game winning goal in the fourth quarter you end up in the Up category, point blank and period.

Ryan Young: It seems only one offensive player from Charlotte can show up and have a big game each week. This week it was Ryan Young. Monster days from the attacker with 7 goals and 1 assists, but the Hounds need to get all these weapons going at the same time to be successful.

Drew Snider: Snider took the game over for Denver. Boston’s defense held Munforf, Bocklet and Boltus scoreless for most of the game and someone had to step up. Snider was that someone finding the back of the net five times and helping Denver move to 3-0.

The Down:

Peet Poillon: Following up a 7 point effort by registering no points and only having one shot on goal in the game will end you up in the Down category every time. Charlotte needs consistency more than anything and Poillon hasn’t shown that.

Eric O’Brien: 8-21 is just unacceptable from a face-off guy on the X. The Bayhawks got up early in this game and the Machine had absolutely no chance to put together a run and get back in the game because they couldn’t win a draw to save their lives.

David Earl: First game back from indoor, first game in a Lizards uniform and playing against your old team. The Earl offside penalty set up the opportunity for Kevin Crowley and Hamilton to steal that game away. Costly mental errors that ultimately cost you the game wind you up on the Down list.