"My School" Talking The Ohio State University Lacrosse with Kevin Buchanan of the Boston Cannons.

Kevin Buchanan has done almost everything there is to do in the MLL, he won a championship, he has been a multi time All Star, and he won a freestyle competition by jumping over the goal. He has elevated his game to the point that he is one of those guys that has become one of the faces of MLL. We went to him to talk about his time Pre MLL, when he attended The Ohio State University. 

Kevin Buchanan (Ohio State) Attack, Boston Cannons:

What made you pick Ohio State?

Ha, Ohio state what doesn’t it have, I was fortunate to have a number of schools looking at me, but I took my time and looked at a number of schools. I really did my due diligence. Coach Breschi recruited me and he has since moved on, He was a great coach and the staff was amazing.  I mean it was just the perfect situation.  Between what the school itself offered and everything on the athletic side it was just a great situation.

Who is one teammate from college you wish was on your team now?  

Joel Dalgarno, he was a Canadian so he had that box skill and ability right away. We spent a lot of time working the 2 man game on and off the field and it has helped me through everything including into my time as a pro. He was just an incredible talent and a great guy. I give him a lot of credit for helping me develop my game.

What were your favorite traditions on campus?

Mirror lake, it’s a lake on campus that students and fans jump into before the Michigan game, it’s a sight to see, google it. It’s an amazing event, everyone just piling into that lake and swimming and everything. You really have to be a part of it to enjoy it but it’s been an Ohio State tradition for a long time.

What do you miss most about being a D1 player?

You miss your brothers, your teammates and the guys you come in with. You walk in that first day as a freshman and that first day you have 50 brothers, 50 best friends, you miss traveling with them, having class together, having lunch together it’s irreplaceable. Also just being a full time lacrosse player, school comes first but you are as close to a full time lacrosse player as there is. I even miss getting up early and getting ready in that Columbus weather.

Who is your current player to watch there and why? 

Jesse King, He has gotten a lot of press already but he will continue to develop as a player, he already has so much ability and it will come out. Also Carter Brown, He went to the same high school as me in Calvert Hall, he will continue to develop and be a leader. They already are asking him to do more this season and he has taken that in stride.

What is your best on field lacrosse memory?

My senior year, one of my favorite moments was the first Show Down in the Shoe, it’s a game that’s played every year now before the spring football game. We played Denver University in the first lacrosse game in the Shoe and just everything that went along with it, when we left the stadium there was like 65,000 people there.  Also beating Cornell at Cornell in the 1st round of the tournament was a big deal to me.

What would you say is your worst on field memory?

The last game of my senior year we came off the high of beating Cornell in the 1st round with Schroder scoring that end to end goal at the end that was a huge moment. We then turned around and had to go to Duke, they had a very strong team and had 5 classes because of what had happened there and they steam rolled us.

What would your recruiting speech be to a prospect considering Ohio State?  

I’d just talk about the tradition of the program because Ohio State has been around for a very long time; they are now getting the backing of the athletic department and are now becoming a top 20 team consistently. Show them the Woody Hayes center and the Horse Shoe along with the wealth of education there, they offer everything you want to major in from a 1st class university and all the campus life.

One thing a player has to do on a visit to Ohio State?

A football game, a big time football game is just a true experience, whoever they are playing be it Youngstown State or Michigan, the alumni and everything is crazy. You will run into Ohio State alum anywhere you are and they are all proud of that school.

Will Manny’s question for you-What was the most difficult place to play-  

We always had difficulty against Bicknell, we always had trouble the few times we played them when I was there, that was the last place I wanted to play because the weather was always horrible early in the season. It wasn’t intimidating or anything to play there it was just a tough place to play because they always gave us a game and the weather was always horrible. Also Denver, they have a great stadium there and then they try to psych you out with the altitude thing plus they have a great following so you get pretty up for that game.

What’s your question for the next guy?

What was the worst run test that you had? And how did you do?