The New York Lizards and Hamilton Nationals meet for the second time this MLL season.

The Hamilton Nationals will face the New York Lizards in Major Leagu Lacrosse action tonight, the second meeting of these teams. Hamilton is trying to rebound off of a huge 22-9 loss against the Denver Outlaws last week, however New York has much bigger troubles sitting at 2-4, rather than Hamilton's 5-1.

Players To Watch:


For Hamilton, Kevin Crowley will always be a big player. Crowley has managed to get 26 points so far in this season, three of those came against NY (including one game winning two pointer) when they last faced each other in week 2. Now he was severely limited in that game, in the sense he couldn't put up the points for his normal, so you have to wonder, was it that his game was off? Or was the Lizards defense on him just that good?

New York:

A player for NY to watch is attackman Mark Matthews. Matthews has nine goals and three assists to his credit in only four games played. He hasn't lived up to credit given him so far, as it was thought to be a steal in the Denver and New York trade this past off season. However he his still a factor, and should be able to get through the tough Hamilton defense in some moments in the game, and have a multi-goal night.

Keys To Victory:


The key to victory for Hamilton is to make smart plays, and be tough on ground balls. If you can win over 51% of the GB's, chances are you will win, but that would be all for nothing if you just throw the ball away. You also don't want to try to force it to Crowley, because I sort of saw this in their last game versus NY, and Crowley wasn't doing that great, and it ended up going into OT (however the Nats eventually won 12-11). Defense also needs to limit Matthews and Palasek.

New York:

The key to victory for NY is rely heavily on defense. Stats prove the Lizards can't outscore Hamilton, but they can beat them on defense, and then get a few goals here and there, and possibly win the game. So play tight D, and don't let anyone get in you're zone.


Overall, I think it's clear that the 5-1 Hamilton (whom really want to get a win after that embarrassing loss to Denver) team will prevail over the much struggling 2-4 New York team. I don't think it will be as close as last time, so I think it will end up 12-9 Hamilton.